Sontheimer, T.; Becker, C.; Klimm, C.; Gall, S.; Rech, B.: Crystallization kinetics in high-rate electron beam evaporated poly-Si thin film solar cells on ZnO:Al. In: Amorphous and polycrystalline thin-film silicon science and technology - 2010 : Symposium held April 5 - 9, 2010, San Francisco, California. Warrendale, Pa.: MRS, 2010 (Materials Research Society symposium proceedings ; 1245). - ISBN 978-1-605-11222-0, p. 1245-A20-01

The microstructure and crystallization kinetics of electron beam evaporated Si on ZnO:Al coated glass for polycrystalline solar cells was studied by electron backscatter diffraction and optical microscopy at various deposition temperatures. A time dependent analysis of the dynamics of the crystallization allowed for the individual determination of growth and nucleation processes. The nucleation process of Si on ZnO:Al was found to be influenced by a variation of the deposition temperature of the amorphous Si in a critical temperature regime of 200 ˚C to 300 ˚C. The nucleation rate decreased significantly with decreasing deposition temperature, while the activation energy for nucleation increased from 2.9 eV at a deposition temperature of 300 ˚C to 5.1 eV at 200 ˚C, resulting in poly-Si which comprised grains with features sizes of several μm.