Fehr, M.; Behrends, J.; Haas, S.; Rech, B.; Lips, K.; Schnegg, A.;: Electrical detection of electron-spin-echo envelope modulations in thin-film silicon solar cells. Physical Review B 84 (2011), p. 193202/1-5

Electrically detected electron-spin-echo envelope modulations (ED-ESEEM) were employed to detect hyperfine interactions between nuclear spins and paramagnetic sites, determining spin-dependent transport processes in multi-layer thin-film microcrystalline silicon solar cells. Electrical detection in combination with a modified Hahn-echo sequence was used to measure echo modulations induced by 29Si, 31P and 1H nuclei weakly coupled to electron spins of paramagnetic sites in the amorphous and microcrystalline solar cell layers. By combining these pieces of information with results from field-domain pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance spectroscopy the microscopic origin of CE centers in μc-Si:H is investigated.