Qin, T.; Wiedemair, W.; Nau, S.; Trattnig, R.; Sax, S.; Winkler, S.; Vollmer, A.; Koch, N.; Baumgarten, M.; List, E.J.W.; Müllen, K.: Core, Shell, and Surface-Optimized Dendrimers for Blue Light-Emitting Diodes. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (2011), p. 1301-1303

ABSTRACT: We present a novel core-shell-surface multifunctional structure for dendrimers using a blue fluorescent pyrene core with triphenylene dendrons and triphenylamine surface groups. We find efficient excitation energy transfer from the triphenylene shell to the pyrene core, substantially enhancing the quantum yield in solution and the solid state (4-fold) compared to dendrimers without a core emitter, while TPA groups facilitate the hole capturing and injection ability in the device applications. With a luminance of up to 1400 cd/m2, a saturated blue emission CIExy = (0.15, 0.17) and high operational stability, these dendrimers belong to the best reported fluorescence-based blue-emitting organic molecules.