Einspahr, H.M.; Weiss, M.S.: Quality indicators in macromolecular crystallography: definitions and applications. In: Rossmann, M.G. [u.a.] [Eds.] : International Tables for Crystallography : Volume F: Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules. New York, NY: Wiley, 2011 (IUCr Series. International Tables for Crystallography). - ISBN 978-0-470-66078-2, p. 64-74

The genesis of this chapter was a perceived need for a single location in the volume, in which consensus definitions could be found for the many statistical indicators of quality or figures of merit that have been developed to monitor a macromolecular crystallography (MX) experiment and its final outcome, a model. The evolving experiment has generated a rich collection of R-values, signal-to-noise indicators, correlation coefficients and other figures of merit. As improvements in data collection, processing and other aspects of the experiment continue, we can expect a continued evolution of new or improved indicators of quality with which to monitor the impact of those improvements.