Xu, W.; Marcelli, A.; Hampai, D.; Malfatti, L.; Innocenzi, P.; Schade, U.; Wu, Z.: New opportunity to investigate physico-chemical phenomena: time-resolved X-ray and IR concurrent analysis. Rendiconti Fisiche / Supplemento / Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei 22 [Suppl. 1] (2011), p. S59-S79

The characterization of both collective and individual excitations occurring in condensed matter and biological systems are of great interests for both fundamental and technological researches. New time-resolved and concurrent approaches are required to characterize complex systems where physical–chemical phenomena occur due to the interplay between localized and delocalized electrons, and in particular to characterize systems in non-equilibrium conditions. In this contribution, we present an optical layout that may take advantage of the high brilliance and the naturally wide spectral-distribution of the synchrotron radiation emission covering the range from the IR to the hard X-ray region. Thanks to the brilliance and the power associated to third generation storage rings with a conceptual new beamline design combining an IR and an X-ray beam, it will be possible to investigate dynamical processes with a time resolution down to the sub-millisecond regime, resolving plenty of correlated structural, electronic and vibrational phenomena. To demonstrate the unique advantages of this time-resolved concurrent experimental approach, among the many existing scientific cases, a few interesting but unresolved scientific cases are reviewed and potential applications of the new analytical tool are envisaged.