Liu, Y; Schumacher, G.; Zizak, I.; Erko, A.; Banhart, J.: Local structure and site substitution in AL86Ni6Co2Y4.5La1.5 bulk amorphous alloy. Materials Letters 70 (2012), p. 171-173

The local structures around nickel and cobalt atoms in Al86Ni8Y6 and Al86Ni6Co2Y4.5La1.5 bulk amorphous alloys were measured by X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Strong bond-shortening and a concomitant reduction of nearest neighbours of Ni and Co were observed. The local structure around Ni is the same as that around Co which is attributed to site substitution of Ni by Co atoms in the amorphous structure. The configurational entropy is estimated to be the main thermodynamic driving force for the increase in glass forming ability when substituting Ni by Co and Y by La. The cluster-line model is not supported by our results.