Kardjilov, N.; Manke, I.; Hilger, A.; Williams, S.; Strobl, M.; Woracek, R.; Boin, M.; Lehmann, E.; Penumadu, D.; Banhart, J.: Neutron Bragg-edge mapping of weld seams. International Journal of Materials Research 102 (2012), p. 151-154

Cold neutrons have a wavelength that is in the same range as the lattice spacings of most polycrystalline metallic materials. Imaging of such materials with monochromatic cold neutrons of different wavelengths provides a unique contrast due to coherent Bragg scattering. Additionally, the spectral positions of the Bragg edges can be mapped for each point of an image by using the transmission data of corresponding wavelength scans. We present investigations of welded components with such energy-selective neutron radiography around specific Bragg-edges in the transmission spectrum. Features in the local microstructure of the weld have been visualized.