Vierke, J.; Schumacher, G.; Balog, M.; Nagy, J.; Simancik, F.; Wollgarten, M.; Banhart, J.: Plastic deformation of AL85Ni10La5 by equal channel angular pressing. Materials Science and Engineering A 558 (2012), p. 64-69

Helium-atomized amorphous Al85Ni10La5 (at.-%) powder was investigated in the as-atomized state and after consolidation at different temperatures using equal channel angular pressing. Structural investigation by X-ray diffraction of as-atomized powder points at the presence of clusters with size of 1-2 nm. Equal channel angular pressing leads to the formation of fcc-Al precipitates with sizes between 10 nm and 13 nm for processing temperatures below 240°C, indicating a nucleation-controlled process. The results suggest a combined influence of shear deformation and temperature on the precipitation of fcc-Al crystals.