Jimenez, C.; Garcia-Moreno, F.; Pfretzschner, B.; Kamm, P.; Neu, T.; Klaus, M.; Genzel, Ch.; Hilger, A.; Manke, I.; Banhart, J.: Metal foaming studied in-situ by energy dispersive XRD of synchrotron radiation, X-ray radioscopy, and optical imaging. In: Porous metals and metallic foams : MetFoam 2011 : proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Porous Metals and Metallic Foams, held in Busan, Korea, September 18-21, 2011. Seoul, Korea: GSIntervision, 2012, p. 13-19

To elucidate the phase transformations of TiH2 inside liquid metal foams and their relationship with expansion, can provide deeper insight into metal foaming and help improve metal foam technologies. Therefore, we implemented three simultaneous in-situ methods based on synchrotron radiation that let follow: first, the phase transformations of TiH2 inside AlSi11 precursors by energy dispersive XRD. Second, the foam structure was monitored by X-ray radioscopy, and third, a synchronized video camera recorded the foam expansion. TiH2 particles transform differently inside expanding AlSi11 foams than the loose powder heated under inert gas flow due to reaction with the melt.