Weiss, M.S.; Einspahr, H.; Baker, T.; Dauter, Z.: Another case of fraud in structural biology. Acta Crystallographica Section F - Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications 68 (2012), p. 365-365

The first article in this month’s issue (Rupp, 2012) is a Scientific Comment revealing another instance of scientific misconduct in the literature of macromolecular crystallography. The first such instance was uncovered just a few years ago. It effectively terminated a whole sequence of fraudulent activities and resulted in the retraction of about a dozen structures and associated publications. Although the act of one individual, it tarnished several reputable journals, several reputable institutions and many reputable colleagues. It was also a very public injury, the subject of news articles and editorials, including a joint editorial by the Editors of Acta Cryst. D and F (Baker et al., 2010a,b). The second painful insult, disclosed in this issue, was also the act of a single individual. While it seems to be limited to one structure, one journal, one institution and fewer colleagues, and may or may not attract the same amount of attention as the first, it is no less painful, no less disappointing.