• Janocha, E.; Hofmann, A.; Pettenkofer, C.: Interface formation of CuInSe2 (112) and ZnO deposited by atomic layer deposition. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 93 (2013), p. 72-76


Interfaces of epitaxial CuInSe2 (112) surfaces to ZnO have been prepared by ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) and are analyzed in situ by photoelectron spectroscopy at BESSY. LEED data show a (0001) oriented ZnO film for thicker films despite the large lattice mismatch. In contrast to results obtained from ZnO-MOMBE (Metal-Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy) preparation where an inherent ZnSe interface layer of 2 nm is formed, for ALD a ZnIn2Se4 interface layer is observed which is introducing a different band alignment as in the MOMBE case.