Wu, S.; Schell, A.W.; Lublow, M.; Kaiser, J.; Aichele, T.; Schietinger, S.; Polzer, F.; Kühn, S.; Guo, X.; Benson, O.; Ballauff, M.; Yan, L.: Silica-coated Au/Ag nanorods with tunable surface plasmon bands for nanoplasmonics with single particles. Colloid and Polymer Science 291 (2013), p. 585-594

Abstract We present the synthesis and analysis of silicacoated Au/Ag bimetallic nanorods with controlled surface plasmon bands. Depending on the thickness of Ag shell deposited on the Au nanorod surface, there is a blue-shift on the longitudinal surface plasmon band of Au nanorods, which can be expressed by an approximate formula derived from the absorption profile of light in Ag films using finite difference time domain simulations. The subsequent coating of silica shell not only enhances the stability of the Au/Ag bimetallic nanorods but also provides a mesoporous host for optically active species. Minute red-shifts of the longitudinal resonance mode, induced by stepwise increased silica shell volumes, are shown. Application as carrier for fluorescent rhodamine B molecules is demonstrated by photoluminescence analysis. On the single-particle level, dark field microscopy of Au/Ag-silica nanorods was finally employed. This introduces a route towards revealing the relation between structure, shape, and optical (plasmonic) properties of complex composite metal particles as well as fabrication strategies for nanoassemblies of tailored structures in the field of nanoplasmonics.