• Brus, V.V.; Zellmeier, M.; Zhang, X.; Greil, S.M.; Gluba, M.; Töfflinger, A.J.; Rappich, J.; Nickel, N.H.: Electrical and photoelectrical properties of P3HT/n-Si hybrid organic–inorganic heterojunction solar cells. Organic Electronics 14 (2013), p. 3109-3116


A detail analysis of electrical and photoelectrical properties of hybrid organic–inorganic heterojunction solar cells poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT)/n-Si, fabricated by spin-coating of the polymeric thin film onto oxide passivated Si(100) surface, was carried out within the temperature ranging from 283 to 333 K. The dominating current transport mechanisms were established to be the multistep tunnel-recombination and space charge limited current at forward bias and leakage current through the shunt resistance at reverse bias. A simple approach was developed and successfully applied for the correct analysis of the high frequency C–V characteristics of hybrid heterojunction solar cells. The P3HT/n-Si solar cell under investigation possessed the following photoelectric parameters: Jsc = 16.25 mA/cm2, Voc = 0.456 V, FF = 0.45, g = 3.32% at 100 mW/cm2 AM 1.5 illumination. The light dependence of the current transport mechanisms through the P3HT/n-Si hybrid solar cells is presented quantitatively and discussed in detail.