Bacewicz, R.; Antonowicz, J.; Podsiadlo, S.; Schorr, S.: Local structure in Cu2ZnSnS4 studied by the XAFS method. Solid State Communications 177 (2014), p. 54-56

The local structure in kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 is studied by the X-ray absorption fine structure(XAFS) method. Absorption at the K-edge of all three cations: Cu,Zn and Sn has been measured and analyzed. Interatomic distances determined from the EXAFS data are in keeping with the existing X-raydiffraction values.Both, the XANES and EXAFS data at the SnK-edge indicate that tin exists in the IV oxidation state and predominantly occupies its native sites in Cu2ZnSnS4.