Schwabegger, G.; Quochi, F.; Hernandez-Sosa, G.; Djuric, T.; Bongiovanni, G.; Vollmer, A.; Oehzelt, M.; Salzmann, I.; Resel, R.; Koch, N.; Sitter, H.; Simbrunner, C.: White fluorescent nano-fibers prepared by periodic organic hetero-epitaxy. Proceedings of SPIE 8827 (2013), p. 882707/1-7

To preserve the morphological properties of para-hexaphenyl (p-6P) based nano- bers and simultaneously tune their emission wavelength, periodic organic-organic hetero-epitaxy was utilized. Multilayer structures of p-6P and -sexithiophene (6T) have been prepared by hot wall epitaxy and analyzed by scanning force microscopy, uorescence microscopy, X-ray di raction and time resolved spectroscopy. We demonstrate that organic heteroepitaxy can be applied to produce multilayered nano- bers with high crystallinity, well de ned epitaxial relationships along di erent material phases, molecular azimuthal order, and long-range morphological homogeneity. It is shown, that it is possible to precisely control and tune the highly polarized photoluminescence emission of the nano- bers from the blue to the green and orange spectral regime by a variation of the 6T concentration. Remarkably, it is possible to prepare nano- bers emitting white polarized light.