Markötter, H.; Haußmann, J.; Alink, R.; Dittmann, K.; Tötzke, C.; Krüger, P.; Klages, M.; Arlt, T.; Müller, B.; Riesemeier, H.; Scholta, J.; Gerteisen, D.; Manke, I.; Banhart, J.: Investigation of Fuel Cell Materials and Liquid Water Transport by Means of Synchrotron Imaging. ECS Transactions 45 (2013), p. 195-202

Synchrotron imaging allows addressing various important issues in fuel cell research, for example water distribution and transport. The water distribution in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) was observed quasi in-situ directly after operation by means of synchrotron tomography. The 3D data set was compared with the tomogram of a dry cell in order to separate the water distribution from cell materials. Engineered transport pathways realized by perforating holes through the gas diffusion layer (GDL) are a recent approach to optimize water transport and cell performance. For some parameter sets a cell performance increase and an improvement of stabilization have already been proven. We present high resolution investigations of the water distribution in perforated GDLs of operating PEMFCs by means of in-situ synchrotron radiography. The surrounding areas of the holes exhibited a distinct hydrophilic character.