Schlegel, M.C.; Wenzel, K.-J.; Sarfraz, A.; Panne, U.; Emmerling, F.: A wall-free climate unit for acoustic levitators. Review of Scientific Instruments 83 (2012), p. 055101/1-3

Acoustic levitation represents the physical background of trapping a sample in a standing acoustic wave with no contact to the wave generating device. For the last three decades, sample holders based on this effect have been commonly used for contact free handling of samples coupled with a number of analytical techniques. In this study, a wall-free climate unit is presented, which allows the control of the environmental conditions of suspended samples. The insulation is based on a continuous cold/hot gas flow around the sample and thus does not require any additional isolation material. This provides a direct access to the levitated sample and circumvents any influence of the climate unit material to the running analyses.