Lieutenant, K.: K7 - 2012 Q4 Work Package Report / ESS. , 2013
Open Accesn Version

The main activity in this quarter was the development of the VITESS package: version 3.0 (M.K.7.2.1) was released and the work on version 3.1 (D.K.7.2.4) organized and continued. The work on bi-spectral extraction systems (D.K.7.1.5) is nearly finished; one paper is published now (C. Zendler et al. NIM A 704 (2013) 68-75.), another one sent for publication. The simulations of the gravity effect on guide performance (D.K.7.1.7) are completed. A publication is in preparation. The system to communicate with users (D.K.7.3.1) has been completed now by installing a second mailing list, a Facebook account and a Wikipedia article. They are linked with each other and the VITESS home page.