Poeplau, G.; Markovik, A.; van Rienen, U.; Meseck, A.: Simulations for Ion Clearing in an ERL. In: Proceedings of 11th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference (ICAP 2012) : Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany, August 19-24, 2012. , 2012. - ISBN 978-3-95450-116-8, p. 143-145

Energy Recovery Linacs (ERLs) being the most promising candidates for next-generation light sources put very high demands on preservation of beam brightness and reduction of beam losses. Thus, it is mandatory to avoid the impact of ionized residual gas considered as a source for instabilities in accelerators. Recently, we have presented simulations for the clearing of ionized residual gas with electrodes performed with an upgraded version of software package MOEVE PIC Tracking [1] which is being currently further developed to model the interaction of the ions with the electron beam in presence of external electromagnetic potentials such as the field of clearing electrodes. The tracking code allows for studies on clearing times for electrodes with different voltage as well as detailed studies of the behavior of the ions in the environment of the electrodes. In this paper we take further steps to study possible designs of clearing electrodes. Especially, we will consider the influence of different gas mixtures on clearing times and possible configurations for the clearing electrodes. We use parameters planned for BERLinPro as an example for our studies.