Michalec, B.; Mierzwinska, G.; Ptaszkiewicz, M.; Sowa, U.; Stolarczyk, L.; Weber, A.: Applicability of EPR / Alanine Dosimetry For Quality Assurance In Proton Eye Radiotherapy. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 159 (2014), p. 137-140

A new quality assurance and quality control method for proton eye radiotherapy based on electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR)/alanine dosimetry has been developed. It is based on Spread-Out Bragg Peak entrance dose measurement with alanine detectors. The entrance dose is well correlated with the dose at the facility isocenter, where, during the therapeutic irradiation, the tumour is placed. The unique alanine detector features namely keeping the dose record in a form of stable radiation-induced free radicals trapped in the material structure, and the non-destructive read-out makes this type of detector a good candidate for additional documentation of the patient's exposure over the therapy course.