Wesch, S.; Abo-Bakr, M.; Dirsat, M.; Klemz, G.; Kuske, P.; Neumann, A.; Rahn, J.; Schneegans, T.: Machine Protection Considerations for BERLinPro. In: Proceedings of IPAC 2014, Dresden, Germany. , 2014. - ISBN 978-3-95450-132-8, p. 3985-3987
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The Berlin energy-recovery-linac project BERLinPro at the HZB is a 50 MeV ERL test facility, which addresses physical and technological questions for future superconducting rf based high brightness, high current electron beam sources. The combination of a 100 mA cw beam, electron bunches with normalized emittances lower than 1 mm mrad and the magnet optics of BERLinPro leads to power densities capable to harm the accelerator components within microseconds if total beam loss occurs. Furthermore, continuous beam loss on the level of 10-5 has to be controlled to avoid activation and to protect the SRF, beam diagnostics and other infrastructure components. In this paper, we present the evaluation of the required key parameters of the BERLinPro machine protection system and present its first conceptual design.