Gross, M.; Donat, A.; Good, J.; Khojoyan, M.; Koss, G.; Krasilnikov, M.; Pathak, G.; Schütze, R.; Stephan, F.; Vashchenko, G.; Brinkmann, R.; Grüner, F.; Muggli, P.; Öz, E.; Richter, D.; Schroeder, C.: First Experiences with the PITZ Plasma Cell for Electron Beam Self-Modulation Studies. In: Proceedings of IPAC2014, Dresden, Germany. , 2014. - ISBN 978-3-95450-132-8, p. 1525-1527
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The self-modulation of long particle beams in a plasma has recently gained interest in light of the ongoing preparation for the plasma wakefield acceleration experiment of the AWAKE collaboration at CERN. Instrumental to the experiment is the self-modulation of a proton beam to generate bunches short enough for producing high acceleration fields. As electron bunches are easier to handle and the underlying physics is identical, it is judicious to first gain insight into the experimental conditions of the self-modulation of long particle beams in plasma by using electron bunches before progressing to the experiment with proton bunches. The experimental demonstration of self-modulation of an electron bunch is in preparation at the Photo Injector Test facility at DESY, location Zeuthen (PITZ). In this contribution the fabrication and first experimental tests towards a Lithium plasma cell are highlighted. The distinctive feature of this plasma cell is the addition of side ports for insertion of the ionization laser beam and for diagnostics purposes.