Mews, M.; Mader, C.; Traut, S.; Sontheimer, T.; Wunnicke, O.; Korte, L.; Rech, B.: Solution-processed amorphous silicon surface passivation layers. Applied Physics Letters 105 (2014), p. 122113/1-5
Open Access Version

Amorphous silicon thin films, fabricated by thermal conversion of neopentasilane, were used to passivate crystalline silicon surfaces. The conversion is investigated using X-ray and constant-final-state-yield photoelectron spectroscopy, and minority charge carrier lifetime spectroscopy. Liquid processed amorphous silicon exhibits high Urbach energies from 90 to 120 meV and 200 meV lower optical band gaps than material prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Applying a hydrogen plasma treatment, a minority charge carrier lifetime of 1.37 ms at an injection level of 10^{15}/cm^3 enabling an implied open circuit voltage of 724 mV was achieved, demonstrating excellent silicon surface passivation.