Trapp, M.; Marion, J.; Tehei, M.; Deme, B.; Gutberlet, T.; Peters, J.: High hydrostatic pressure effects investigated by neutron scattering on lipid multilamellar vesicles. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (2013), p. 20951-20956

The effects of high hydrostatic pressure on the structure and dynamics of model membrane systems were investigated using neutron scattering. Diffraction experiments show shifts of the pre- and main-phase transitions of multilamellar vesicles of 1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DMPC) to higher temperatures with increased pressure which are close to results observed previously by other techniques, namely (10.4 ± 1.0) K kbar and (20.0 ± 0.5) K kbar for the two transitions. Backscattering spectroscopy reveals that the mean square displacements in the liquid phase are about 10% smaller at 300 bar and about 20% smaller at 600 bar compared to atmospheric pressure, whereas in the gel phase below the main phase transition the mean square displacements show a smaller difference in the dynamics of the three pressure values within the studied pressure range.