Triolo, R.; Lo Celso, F.; Tisseyre, P.; Kardjilov, N.; Hilger, A.; Wieder, F.; Manke, I.: Neutron tomography of ancient lead artefacts. Analytical Methods 6 (2014), p. 2390-2394

The investigations presented here show the results of an epigraphic analysis on ancient Roman lead ingots rescued from shipwrecks along the coast of Sicily (Italy) by means of Neutron Tomography (NT). The artefacts, including a lead horn, can be dated back to a period between the 3rd and 1st century BC. The three dimensional NT reconstructions helped the decipherment of hidden signs and partially visible details on the severely damaged objects. The findings obtained using the non-destructive procedure allowed us also to reach plausible conclusions in the context of the known commercial routes.