Wieder, F.; Kallfaß, C.; Tötzke, C.; Schier, H.; Graf, K.; Hilger, A.; Banhart, J.; Manke, I.; Hoch, C.: Röntgentomografische Untersuchung eines kommerziellen Lithium-Ionen-Kondensators. Materials Testing 56 (2014), p. 211-218

X-ray tomographic investigation of a commercial Lithium-ion capacitor. The correlation between the electrolyte distribution and the capacity of a commercial lithium-ion capacitor (LIC) during charge and discharge is investigated by non-destructive X-ray tomography. The 3D data reveal the accumulation of electrolyte at the bottom of the capacitor. While the accumulation of electrolyte at the bottom grows with increasing number of cycles, a marked decrease in capacity is observed. We attribute this effect to the loss of electrolyte within the active area of the LIC.