Solovan, M.M.; Brus, V.V.; Maryanchuk, P.D.; Ilashchuk, M.I.; Rappich, J.; Nickel, N.H.; Abashin, S.L.: Fabrication and characterization of anisotype heterojunctions n-TiN/p-CdTe. Semiconductor Science and Technology 29 (2014), p. 015007/1--8

Photosensitive heterojunctions n-TiN/p-CdTe were fabricated for the first time by means of titanium nitride thin film deposition (n-type conductivity) by the reactive magnetron sputtering onto freshly etched single crystal substrates CdTe (110) of p-type conductivity. The temperature dependences of the height of the potential barrier and series resistance of the n-TiN/p-CdTe heterojunction were investigated. The dominating current transport mechanisms through the heterojunctions under investigation were determined at forward and reverse bias. The heterojunctions under investigation generate open-circuit voltage Voc = 0.35 V, short-circuit current Isc = 1.88 mA m−2 and fill factor FF = 0.51 under illumination 80 mW m−2.