Zeisberg, A.; Seibel, I.; Cordini, D.; Lakotka, N.; Willerding, G.; Moser, L.; Heufelder, J.; Joussen, A.M.: Long-term 4 years results of choroidal hemangioma treated with proton beam irradiation. Graefe's Archive for Clinical and experimental Ophthalmology 252 (2014), p. 1165-1170

Background The aim of this retrospective study was to determine the efficacy of proton beam irradiation in choroidal hemangioma in a long-term follow-up. Patients and methods A total dose of 20 Cobalt Gray equivalent (CGE) was administered to 50 eyes of 50 patients from September 1998 to September 2010. All treated patients presented with a symptomatic tumor. Nine patients were pre-treated by photodynamic therapy (PDT). Visual outcome, tumor regression, and complications resulting from radiation were investigated. Results The mean follow-up was 55.4 months (range 13–132). Tumor thickness decreased in all patients. Retinal re-attachment was achieved without evidence of tumor leakage. Visual acuity improved by two lines after one year in 43.4 % of patients and after two years in 36.8 % of patients. During the 55.4 months of long-term follow-up the visual acuity improved from 6/15 to 6/12 after proton therapy. Twenty-three patients (46.0 %) developed radiation retinopathy. According to the Finger classification of 2004, 21 patients (42.0 %) showed a stage 1 or 2 (functionally not relevant) retinopathy, and two patients (4.0 %) presented a stage 3 or 4 (functionally relevant) retinopathy. Further complications included sicca syndrome in nine cases, cataract formation in 10 cases, and radiation optic neuropathy in four cases. Conclusion Proton therapy with 20 CGE is an efficient primary therapy in choroidal hemangioma and is very effective as a secondary treatment after PDT. Zeisberg A and Seibel I contributed equally to this work.