Völker, J.; Kamps, T.: Fast transverse phase space measurement system for GUNLAB – a compact test facility for SRF photoinjectors. In: Proceedings of IBIC 2014, 3rd International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Monterey, California, USA, September 14-18, 2014. SLAC, 2014, p. WEPF19/1-4
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Superconducting radiofrequency photo electron injectors (SRF guns) are promising electron sources for the next generation of electron linear accelerators. The energy recovery linac (ERL) bERLinPro will employ a 1.5 cell 1.3 GHz SRF gun cavity with normal conducting high quantum efficiency photocathode to produce a 100mA CW electron beam with high brightness. We are currently working on a compact test beamline (GunLab) to investigate the phase space of the extracted electron beam and to optimize the drive laser as well RF parameters. The motivation for GunLab is to decouple the SRF gun development from the ERL development. The goal is to measure not only the complete 6 dimensional phase space of the extracted and accelerated bunches but also to investigate dark current and beam halo. In this paper we will discuss unique features of GunLab for the phase space measurements.