Vélez, A.; Frahm, A.; Knobloch, J.; Neumann, A.: Developments on a Cold Bead-Pull Test Stand for SRF Cavities. In: SRF2015 - Proceedings, Whistler, BC, Canada. , 2015. - ISBN 978-3-95450-178-6, p. TUPB078/1-4
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Final tuning and field profile characterization of SRF cavities always takes place at room temperature. However, important questions remains as to what happens when the cavity is cooled to LHe temperature, in particular with multi-cell systems. To enable the characterization of cavities in the cold, we have designed and commissioned a "cold bead-pull" test stand at HZB. The present test-stand is designed to be integrated in HoBiCaT (Horizontal bi-cavity testing facility) [1] with the ability to provide electric field profile measurements under realistic superconducting conditions (T=1.8K). In this paper mechanical and operational details of the apparatus will be described as well as future plans for the development and usage of this facility.