• Härk, E.; Jäger, R.; Tallo, T.; Thomberg, T.; Kurig, H.; Russina, M.; Kardjilov, N.; Manke, I.; Hilger, A.; Lust, E.: Different Carbide Derived Nanoporous Carbon Supports and Electroreduction of Oxygen. ECS Transactions 66 (2015), p. 69-80


Using rotating disc electrode technique, the oxygen reduction reaction in 0.1M KOH was studied at various micromesoporous carbide derived carbon powders, synthesized from various binary metal carbides. The catalytic activity and mechanism noticeable depends on the hierarchical structure of the nanoporous carbon electrode. The activation with CO2 increases the differential volume of pores and proportion of mesopores in carbon matrix. It was shown that the partially graphitized carbon C(Mo2C) with a large number of edge plane sites has higher electrocatalytic activity toward oxygen reduction in alkaline media compared with other amorphous or partly graphitized carbons studied. The corresponding relative catalytic activity of catalysts increases in the following order: C(WTiC2) < Vulcan < C(TiC) < C(TiC)-A1 ≤ C(TiC)-A2 < C(Mo2C)-A < C(Mo2C).