Coppola, R.; Ohms, C.; Reiser, J.; Rieth, M.; Wimpory, R.C.: Neutron diffraction stress determination in W-laminates for structural divertor applications. Nuclear Materials and Energy 3-4 (2015), p. 37-42
Open Accesn Version

Neutron diffraction measurements have been carried out to develop a non-destructive experimental tool for characterizing the crystallographic structure and the internal stress field in W foil laminates for structural divertor applications in future fusion reactors.The model sample selected for this study had been prepared by brazing, at 1085°C,13 W foils with 12 Cu foils. A complete strain distribution measurement through the brazed multilayered specimen and determination of the corresponding stresses has been obtained,assuming zero stress in the through-thickness direction.The average stress determined from the technique across the specimen (over both ‘phases’ of W and Cu) is close to zero at −17±32 MPa, in accordance with the expectations.