Neumann, A.; Anders, W.; Burrill, A.; Frahm, A.; Glock, H.-W.; Knobloch, J.; Kugeler, O.; Ciovati, G.; Clemens, W.; Dreyfuss, C.; Forehand, D.; Harris, T.; Kneisel, T.; Overton, R.; Turlington, L.; Brackebusch, K.; Galek, T.; Heller, J.; van Rienen, U.; Zaplatin, E.: Update on SRF Cavity Design, Production and Testing for BERLinPro. In: SRF2015 - Proceedings, Whistler, BC, Canada. , 2015. - ISBN 978-3-95450-178-6, p. THPB026/1-6
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The bERLinPro Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) is currently being built at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin in order to study the accelerator physics of operating a high current, 100 mA, 50 MeV low emittance ERL utilizing all SRF cavity technology. For this machine three different types of SRF cavities are being developed. For the injector section, consisting of an SRF photoinjector and a three two cell booster cavity module, fabrication is close to completion. The cavities were designed at HZB and manufactured, processed and vertically tested at Jefferson Laboratory. In this paper we will review the design and production process of the two structures and show the latest acceptance tests at HZB prior to installation into the newly designed cryomodule. For the Linac cavity the latest cavity and module design studies are being shown.