Dittrich, M.; Meixner, M.; Schumacher, G.: Texture formation in amorphous Al86Ni6Y4.5La1.5Co2 splats by thermal and mechanical treatment. Intermetallics 74 (2016), p. 46-52

The crystallization behavior of amorphous Al86Ni6Y4.5La1.5Co2 splats was analyzed by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). Rietveld refinement was used to analyze the preferred orientation of fcc aluminum nanocrystals in the residual amorphous matrix after annealing. Fiber textures in [200] and [220] directions were found after heating to 360 °C. The influence of cold rolling on the preferred crystal orientation was studied as a function of the thickness reduction of the specimen. It was found that cold rolling significantly increases the (220) texture, while the (200) texture remains unchanged. Based on the experimental results the formation of (220) and (200) texture during the crystallization of the amorphous splats was ascribed to two different processes, internal stresses induced during splat formation or cold-rolling.