Nayak, M.; Pradhan, P.C.; Lodha, G.S.; Sokolov, A.; Schäfers, F.: Corrigendum: Determining Chemically and Spatially Resolved Atomic Profile of Low Contrast Interface Structure with High Resolution. Scientific Reports 6 (2016), p. 27322/1-7
Open Accesn Version

It was brought to the authors’ attention that the original paper contains the following errors. (i) We reported a 0.05% electron density contrast between silicon and boron carbide. There was a calculation error in computing this number and the correct contrast is 0.5%. This is one order of magnitude lower than what can be studied using hard x-ray reflectivity. Therefore, with this revised electron density contrast value, the proposed methodology is still valid. (ii) Numerical errors were made during the conversion of the measured angular reflectivity to qz (4π sinθ /λ ). To revalidate the proposed methodology, we have performed fresh measurements on similar new samples. The fresh soft x-ray resonant reflectivity measurements were done using the Optics Beamline at the BESSY storage ring which has a better energy resolution (E/Δ E ≅ 670), smaller vertical angular divergence (0.5 mrad), larger photon flux (~1.4 × 1010) and accessible q-space compared to the measurements reported in the original paper using the Indus -1 reflectivity beamline. The results are presented below and the methodology and the conclusion reported in the original paper still stand.