Ritscher, A.; Franz, A.; Schorr, S.; Lerch, M.: Off-stoichiometric CZTS: Neutron scattering investigations on mechanochemically synthesized powders. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 689 (2016), p. 271-277

In this work a series of B- and C-type off-stoichiometric CZTS samples was prepared by a mechanochemical synthesis route. For structural characterization X-ray diffraction measurements were performed. Furthermore, compositional analyses of the powder samples were carried out by means of wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (WDS). For detailed cation distribution analyses of two off-stoichiometric single-phase samples neutron diffraction methods were used. The method of the average neutron scattering length was applied revealing the occurrence of ZnCu, CuZn, and ZnSn point defects in the Cu-poor/Zn-rich sample (B-type, Cu1.95Zn1.09Sn0.96S4.00), whereas for the Cu-rich/Zn-poor sample (C-type, Cu2.04Zn0.95Sn1.01S4.00) ZnCu, CuZn, and SnZn defects are suggested.