Ritscher, A.; Schlosser, M.; Pfitzner, A.; Lerch, M.: Study of the mechanochemical process to crystalline Cu2ZnSnS4 powder. Materials Research Bulletin 84 (2016), p. 162-167
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Kesterite-type Cu2ZnSnS4 was synthesized from the corresponding binary sulfides by a mechanochemical route in a planetary ball mill. The reaction progress during this milling step was followed within a time range of 10–180 min by powder X-ray diffraction. In addition, the crystallization of the milled material was studied in situ by high-temperature X-ray diffraction methods in the temperature range of 300–500 °C. Significant disorder (cation distribution) was observed at 500 °C, strongly decreasing during cooling down to ambient temperature with a rate of 60 K/h.