• Langkabel, F.; Lützner, M.; Bande, A.: Interparticle Coulombic Decay Dynamics along Single- and Double-Ionization Pathways. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (2019), p. 21757-21762

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The interparticle Coulombic decay process (ICD) in a Coulomb-coupled pair of quantum dots (QDs) was predicted to feature electronic relaxation within one QD in conjunction with ionization of the other. In this work the QD model is extended from a pair to a triad of one excited and two ionizable QDs and in total three electrons. Analytical Wigner–Weisskopf expressions for the decay rates are formulated and confirmed with numerical electron dynamics calculations, suggesting a rate enhancement by a factor two that may be relevant for the competitiveness of ICD in QDs. Particularly, we compare two energetic scenarios, one allowing only for single ionization of the QD triad and one not yet discussed in the community, potentially allowing for double ionization.