Pont, F.; Molle, A.; Berikaa, E.; Bubeck, S.; Bande, A.: Predicting the Performance of the Inter-Coulombic Electron Capture from Single-Electron Quantities. Journal of Physics / Condensed Matter 32 (2019), p. 065302
Open Access Version

The probability of the inter-Coulombic electron capture (ICEC) is studied for nanowire-embedded quantum-dot pairs where electron capture in one dot leads to electron emission from the other. Previous studies pointed to an interdependence of several ICEC pathways which can enhance the ICEC reaction probability. To identify favorable criteria for such synergies in a qualitative and quantitative manner, we conducted a considerable amount of simulations scanning multiple geometrical parameters. The focus of the paper is not only to find the geometries which are most favorable to ICEC but most importantly to explain the basic principles of the ICEC probability. We have thus derived a number of energy relations among solely single-electron level energies that explain the mechanisms of the multiple reaction pathways. Among them are direct ICEC, both slowing or accelerating the outgoing electron, as well as resonance-enhanced ICEC which captures into a two-electron resonance state that decays thereafter. These pathways may apply simultaneously for just one single geometric configuration and contribute constructively leading to an enhancement of the reaction probability. Likewise some conditions are found that clearly turn down the ICEC probability to zero. The results based on single-electron relations are so general that they can as well be used to predict ICEC probability from the electronic structure in arbitrary physical systems such as atoms or molecules.