Radiation protection at BESSY II

BESSYII, window

Ensuring the personal safety of anyone working with the storage ring is a top priority. The safety measures are construed so as to ensure that the borderline value of one millisievert per year is observed. This value corresponds to natural background radiation. Comprehensive safety measures are in place to ensure radiation exposure inside the experimental hall doesn't go up, even in the top up mode. Furthermore, there are restricted access areas in the outlet systems' immediate vicinity. Any area where beamlines extend from the walls were properly reconfigured back in 2011.

Users are required to carry a radiation pass

Anyone entering the hall during operations is considered a category B radiation exposed individual. Going forward, scientific institutions or companies that wish to do maintenance work at the storage ring, have to meet two requirements: They must sign a coexistence agreement and they will need proper authorization persuant to paragraph 15 of the Radiation Protection Act, which allows them to send their employees to external institutes as radiation protection exposed persons. As well, every single user will be required to carry a radiation pass, which has to be registered with the relevant regulatory body.

Visits without a radiation pass are possible

During BESSY II's hours of operation, no visitors are allowed inside the experimental hall. To ensure access to interested parties without a radiation pass, the control zone is rescinded every other Monday between 8 am and 1 pm. During this time, the facility is switched off for maintenance work and repair.