How does BESSY II work?


How many electrons are stored in the ring?
Between one and about 1000 billion in max 400 packages, usually 360 packages.

How long does an electron need for a circuit?

800 nanoseconds, that’s less than a millionth of a second.

How long does an electron stay in the ring?
For up to 10 hours. In that time it travels about 75 times the distance between the sun and the earth.

How bright is the light?
The fine beam is a million times brighter than a fine ray from the sun.

How long is the flash of light?
About 20 picoseconds.

How high is the vacuum?
The residual pressure is about 10-10 millibar (mbar), nearly as good as between the earth and moon. This would be equivalent to 1 cubic centimeters (cc) of air distributed in ninety BESSY halls.

How much electricity does BESSY II consume?
In normal mode BESSY II needs about 2.7 Megawatt (MW). This is equivalent to about 8.000 two-person households. The maximum power draw is 5 Megawatt (MW) – an ICE needs about 6 Megawatt (MW) to start up.

At over 50 different experimental stations, researchers are able to place their samples in the line of synchrotron radiation.

The path radiation takes inside a beamline. Before the synchrotron beam arrives at the instruments, it is transmitted within the beamline through several optical elements (mirrors and grids) and prepped for the taking of measurements.