Radiation protection regulations BER II

German employees

In order to be allowed to work as an experimentalist in the controlled areas of HZB, each group member needs a "Radiation Passport" as well as their own certificated, neutron sensitive dosimeter.  Radiation Passports and dosimeters have to be presented to the Radiation Protection Department of HZB at the start of each new visit. 

If you do not yet own a Radiation Passport and dosimeter, please, ask the person responsible for radiation protection in your institution to provide you with these necessities.  Should you or your employer experience problems meeting these legal requirements, please contact the HZB Radiation Protection Department.

Foreign Scientists

Radiation protection reasons require you to present a certificate issued by your home institute stating

  • the annual dose rate of radiation you have received in the last 12 months

The HZB Radia­tion Protection Department will give you a permit allowing you to work in the radiation controlled areas of HZB, provided your dose rate of radiation is less than 1 mSv per year, including the dose rate expected here at HZB (otherwise you will need an official permit of the authorities in charge). 

Please fill in the HZB dose rate record form and return it directly via FAX to the HZB Radiation Protection Office. They will assist you in all your questions concerning this procedure.