BER II Checklist

Important notes for the main proposer concerning


All correspondence will be sent solely to the main proposer, unless the User Office Neutrons is informed otherwise by the main proposer. It is the responsibility of the main proposer to inform his co-proposers and the members of the experimental team.

Invitation letters

Personal invitation letters for members of the experimental team (e.g. for visa procedures) will only be sent on the request of the main proposer. The respective team member has to be registered in GATE.

Scheduling the experiment

Please get in contact with the instrument scientist as soon as possible in order to establish a convenient time slot for the experiment, especially if you need any special sample environment.

Sample shipment

In case you have to send your sample separately/in advance, please notify your local contact of the upcoming delivery. It is understood that the sending laboratory bears all costs of the shipment until our institute is reached.

Please take care to declare the consignment correctly, following the advice in the sample shipment info-file.

Things to be done prior to the experiment

Announce the experimental team

Announce the potential members of the experimental team to the HZB User Office Neutrons and ask the members to register with GATE.

Access to Lise-Meitner-Campus

Confirm the exact period of time that each member of the experimental team intends to stay at HZB to the HZB User Office Neutrons so that access to LMC can be organised.

If one of the experimental team members is citizen of a non-OECD, non-EU and non-NATO member state, a security check in connection with the German "law on foreign trade"  is obligatory. Please make sure that the the necessary documents are handed in well in advance by the respective member.

Important: All visitors are requested to legitimate themselves at the entrance by either their domestic ID card or their passport, which has to be valid at the time of entry.
Other means of legitimization are not accepted.

Access to the Experimental Hall of BER II (E instruments)

There are two forms which have to be handed in in good time (we recommend at least 3 months) before any planned experiment in the Experimental Hall of BER II:

Please ask all members of the experimental team to send their original applications for the security check including a clearly legible copy of passport or ID card to the HZB User Office Neutrons as soon as possible. Copies or scans of the forms are not accepted by German authorities.

more information

Radiation Protection Regulations and Training

Please take care that the BER II radiation protection rules are observed.


The HZB User Office Neutrons operates a guest house on the Lise-Meitner Campus. Please contact the User Office Neutrons in order to make a reservation.

Things to be done after arrival on site


The guards at the HZB gate have provided you with a magnetic badge:

  • first time users: badges are marked with letters B or U
  • frequent users: badges with photograph (E-Hall user) or marked with letter K

B/U cards are only temporarily valid and need to be changed before you can proceed with the registration formalities. For announced experimentalists, the respective cards have been prepared and can be obtained in room A112 in exchange for the B/U card. A photograph will be taken and stored in the HZB database.

Check in with the User Office Neutrons

Go to the User Office Neutrons (LR129) in order to check in.

  • Get the registration form for the dosimetry which has to be signed by the local contact before you check in with the radiation protection department
  • Users who are accommodated in the HZB Guest House will have to pick up the keys to their rooms during working hours. Guests with announced arrival outside working hours will find their keys deposited at the entrance gate. However, those guests are requested to officially register on the next (working day) morning.
  • Limited office space and workstations are available. Users should contact the User Office Neutrons in advance or ask upon check in in order to get the keys.
  • Several of the instruments require access to the HZB IT resources in order to handle data. For the use of the HZB IT resources as well as the workstations, a personalized HZB IT-account is necessary. Please inform the HZB USer Office Neutrons if an account is needed.
  • If the experiment is financially supported, please drop in at the HZB USer Office in order to arrange for the refunding.

Note: All of those things can be prepared in advance.

Please let the HZB USer Office Neutrons know and we will arrange for that you get all that you need at the entrance gate.

Check in with the radiation protection department

Before you check in with the radiation protection department in room C313, please make sure that your badge either shows your photograph or the letter K.

At the radiation protection department, you will have to present:

  • your radiation passport and dosimeter (users from German employees only)
  • dose record (all other users)
  • the dosimeter registration form (signed by the instrument scientist)
  • the two certificates for the completion of the radiation protection tests

If everything is ok, your badge will be activated in order to allow you to take one of the pool dosimeters from the racks in front of the entrance to the halls.

Register with the HZB Security Office

Users for experiments to be conducted at one of the E-Hall instruments have to register with the HZB Security Office in room LR111 in order to be allowed access to the instruments.

Things to be done after the experiment

Clean up

Remove your samples from the instrument and from any lab space that was used.

Be aware of the fact, that everything that has been in contact with the neutron beam (samples and equipment) has to cleared by the radiation protection department before being allowed to be taken out of the halls. If you inted to take your samples with you upon departure, arrange for clearance in advance. The instrument scientist will help you with the formalities. In case that you are not able to take the samples with you due to activation, please leave instructions with the instrument scientist what to do with them after deactivation.

Please empty all compartments used in wardrobes, cupboards and refrigerators.

Check out

Return the keys either to the HZB User Office or leave them with the guards at the entrance gate (if leaving after working hours).

Upon final leaving return the magnet badge to the guards at the entrance gate.

We whish you a safe return home.

Reports & Feedback

Hand in your experimental report and the feedback form using GATE.

Publishing Results

Excellence and efficiency of research at large scale facilities will determine the future success and funding of these infrastructures. Please help us by publishing the results of your HZB experiments in the public domain in a reasonable time.