BESSY II Checklist

Important notes for the main proposer concerning


All correspondence will be sent to the main proposer/experimental scientist, unless the User Office Photons is informed otherwise by the main proposer. It is the responsibility of the main proposer to inform his co-proposers and the members of the experimental team.

Invitation letters

Personal invitation letters for members of the experimental team (e.g. for visa procedures) will only be sent on the request of the main proposer. The respective team member has to be registered in GATE.

Scheduling the experiment

Experiments are scheduled by the User Coordination according to the decision of the Scientific Selection Panel and the availability of beamlines and stations. Of course preferred and inconvenient periods mentioned in the proposal are considered for scheduling if possible. 

Sample shipment

In case you have to send your sample in advance, please notify your local contact of the upcoming delivery. It is understood that the sending laboratory bears all costs of the shipment until our institute is reached.

Please take care to declare the consignment correctly following the advice in the sample shipment info-file.

Things to be done prior to the experiment

Declarations required

Please submit the following information at least 3 weeks before your allocated beamtime begins:

  • Proof of Safety Declaration: please declare changes in your safety declaration
  • Chemicals Declaration: please add chemicals/declare changes in your chemicals declaration
  • Experimental Team (Application for Badge & Dosimeter): please nominate your experimental team

All information may be submitted via GATE in the "prepare beamtime as responsible experimentalist" section.

Please note that access to the experimental hall cannot be guaranteed for team members nominated less than three weeks in advance.

Users of the MX Beamlines at the PSF@BESSY have to schedule their PSF-beamtime shifts.

Radiation Protection Regulations and Training

Since August 2012 BESSY II provides the so-called TOP-UP operation modus. This mode requires stringent radiation protection measures. Please carefully:

Please note that access to the controlled area at BESSY II cannot be guaranted for team members nominated less than three weeks in advance.

SSR Number

In order to be able to clearly associate entries, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) assigns a personal identification number for each person to be registered, the so-called radiation protection register (SSR) number. All guests, users or employees of external companies who want to work in the BESSY II (or MLS, HoBiCaT, bERLinPro) experimental hall require the SSR number.

More detailed information can be found here: SSR Number

Starting July 1st 2019, there will be no dosimeter and no access to the BESSY II experimental hall without SSR number!


Take care of your accommodation bookings - either in the IBZ-guesthouse or in one of the nearby hotels (Details).

Things to be done after arrival on site

Registration and Safety Training

All users must register with the User Office Photons and have a valid safety training done in GATE. An ID Card will grant access to BESSY II buildings and the Experimental Hall. For additional information about registration procedures and the BESSY II safety training, please contact the User Office Photons.

Yellow Boards

When you arrive at your experiment please complete a Yellow Board (BESSY II on-site access only) indicating users names, dangerous equipment, hazardous substances and an emergency phone number. You will find a description on how to complete the Yellow Board at every beamline. Please attach all safety data sheets (SDS) of your chemicals to the Yellow Board.

On-site Information/User Support

Most recent information for users is displayed on the on-site information system and on the BESSY II Status monitor. In case of any problems, please call the User Assistant ('Hallendienst'). The phone number is given on the system and usually is -12984.

Please contact the User Support for questions relating to

  • BESSY II User Facilities
  • General on-site assistance
  • Job safety
  • Transportation, parking and storage of equipment
  • Consumables, equipment, tools
  • Access to mechanical workshop
  • Access to lab facilities (e.g. chemistry lab)
  • Supplies (power, water, air, LN 2, LHe...)
  • Disposal

Things to be done after the experiment

Reports & Feedback

Hand in your experimental report and the feedback form using GATE.

Publishing Results

Excellence and efficiency of research at large scale facilities will determine the future success and funding of these infrastructures. Please help us by publishing the results of your HZB experiments in the public domain in a reasonable time.