HZB User Committee

The HZB User Committee collects feedback on matters of concern to individual users working both at BER II and BESSY II, conveys an assessment summary of this feedback and suggests appropriate measures to the Scientific Directors. Members are elected annually at the Joint BER II and BESSY II users meeting.

For a full description of the Committee's role, see its charter.

The User Committee would like to encourage users to comment on topics that are currently being discussed within the panel, and between panel members and the HZB management. Feedback on these issues can be an important factor in decision-making. The User Committee can be contacted by email (see box on the right).

Christian Papp

Freie Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg



Harald Schmidt

Technical University Clausthal
+49-(0)5323 72 2094

Eva Kovacevic


GREMI - Université d'Orléans

+33-(0)238 494606