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Cultural Heritage Workshop

This Cultural Heritage-related research workshop - planned for 2021 - is a part of the series of HZB Foresight Workshops. In this series, HZB fosters discussions of future projects and research activities in strong interaction with current and future users from universities, research institutes, and industry. To date 38 instruments are arranged around the synchrotron storage ring BESSY II@HZB, providing excellent experimental conditions to a wide and versatile scientific community. In addition to solving major challenges in energy, earth & environment, matter, and key technologies, many of them serve medical research, too.

The Cultural Heritage Foresight Workshop “Illuminating the past” will focus on recent results and future possibilities of research on:

  • Paintings and manuscripts
  • Metal artefacts
  • Gem stones and pigments
  • Fossils and wooden artefacts

This foresight workshop will not only show the current Cultural Heritage research related research activities and experimental possibilities at BESSY II@HZB and other synchrotron sources; in a vivid dialog about future science in this field, it is rather dedicated to develop perspectives as well as to formulate expectations and requirements for successful experiments at our facility in the near future and in preparation of the successor source BESSY III.

A brainstorming, idea-development session addresses current and - equally important – future synchrotron users, by showing actual possibilities and by taking up their suggestions for cutting edge infrastructures and scientific environments. The discussion shall foster collaborations and will substantiate the complementarity of laboratory experiments and investigations at the different light sources in Europe. In this context it will elaborate recommendations for BESSY III.

HZB kindly invite you to join this workshop on Cultural Heritage-related research and to start or intensify a vivid dialogue with us about future science as well as your expectations and requirements for successful experiments at our facility.

Participation in the workshop on Cultural Heritage-related research is free of charge.