Instrument Electronics at BER II

Presently our team includes two electronic engineers and one electrical mechanic in charge of servicing all electronic systems which are directly related to the operation of experimental setups for neutron scattering.


  • Development and manufacturing of instrument-specific electronic components and devices
  • Maintenance of the entire instrument electronics as well as repair and exchange of faulty components or devices
  • Functional tests
  • Support of the user service during preparation and performance of an experiment by troubleshooting and adaptation of electronic systems to specific requirements
  • Advice and support to the instrument scientists during further technical developments

    Key aspects

      • Motor-controls/actuators: development, service
      • Resolvers/encoders:  position data acquisition, display, data processing, programming
      • Slide control
      • Digital and analogue electronics:  development, assembly and service
      • Manufacturing of special cables, wiring, cabling

    Regular attendance

    Service group Instrument Electronics at BER IIIn generall Mon - Thurs from 8:00 till 17:00, Fri till 14:30

    For the purpose of high flexibility in all services there are no fixed office hours. If it is not possible to approach or call a contact person, there is always the option to get quickly in contact by sending an email.