Instrument Mechanics at BER II

The service unit Instrument Mechanics at BER II consists of two specialized service groups, one for the Experimental Hall and one for the two Neutron Guide Halls, respectively. Both groups perform all the mechanical work which is required to operate the neutron instruments.


  • Technical maintenance of the neutron instruments
  • Support of the neutron users during the preparation and the performance of an neutron experiment
  • Support of the instrument scientists during further technical developments
  • Support of preparatory measures for an elsewhere re-use of neutron instruments

Service portfolio

  • Construction, remodeling and dismounting of neutron instruments
  • Installation, exchange and repair of mechanical and electromechanical components
  • To a limited extend, design and manufacturing of mechanical components in terms of time-critical repair work and modifications
  • Maintenance of vacuum and pneumatic systems
  • Assistance with installation of cables
  • Work at shieldings
  • Alignment work and elementary survey work
  • Functional tests
  • Transports on campus in frame of the aforementioned duties
  • Technical advice to instrument scientists on new or further developments of neutron instruments
  • Active attendance in design or manufacturing tasks
  • Support of the instrument scientists in obtaining technical goods

    Instrument Mechanics BER II – Experimental Hall

    A four-person team is responsible for the mechanical work at the experimental setups in the Experimental Hall.

    Instrument Mechanics BER II – Neutron Guide Halls

    A team of five technicians attend to the mechanical work at the experimental setups in both Neutron Guide Halls.

    Regular attendance

    Service group for the Experimental Hall:In general Mon - Thurs from 8:00 to 17:00, Fri till 14:30
    Service group for the Neutron Guide Halls:In general Mon - Thurs from 7:00 to 17:00, Fri till 15:00

    For the purpose of high flexibility in all services there are no fixed office hours. If it is not possible to approach or call a contact person, there is always the option to get quickly in contact by sending an email.