The BioLab

The BioLab is an essential service unit for the HZB user platform and provides on-site sample preparation and characterisation in parallel and complementary to neutron and X-ray scattering experiments. It is routinely used by BENSC users with the scientific background soft matter and biology, a community of 1/3rd of all BENSC users.

The BioLab offers a broad range of laboratory-based equipment with a focus on methods in optical spectroscopy. Specialised sample environments for neutron scattering experiments, especially complementary to neutron diffraction and reflectometry, SANS, SAXS, INS and QENS are developed. The expertise ranges from membrane biophysics and structural biology over protein dynamics to structure and function of interfaces.

Significant achievements for the user support are sophisticated preparation methods for model membranes, a reliable and robust protocol for the preparation of “free floating bilayers” for neutron reflectivity, and a novel real-time (laser-neutron) pump-probe experiment to study modulation in protein dynamics by neutron scattering methods.