Laboratory for Magnetic Measurements (LaMMB - MagLab)

Since recent years, the Institute for Complex Magnetic Materials and the Sample Environment Group operate a variety of research laboratories for sample characterisation. In order to install a service for BENSC users providing access to complementary measurements at extreme conditions, these laboratories have been combined to form the new Laboratory for Magnetic Measurements at BENSC (LaMMB - MagLab).

At present, the possibilities of LaMMB - MagLab offer four fully operating measurement systems with magnetic fields up to 14.5 T and temperatures down to 260 mK. The available measurement options are heat capacity, heat conduction, magneto-caloric effect, magnetisation and resistivity. Other measurement options like the dielectric constant measurement, electric polarization measurements or the cantilever magnetometer are presently under construction. In the near future a new state-of-the-art cryogenic system with magnetic fields up to 17 T and temperatures down to below 10 mK will greatly extend the temperature and magnetic field range of the measurements at LaMMB - MagLab.

The access to the LaMMB - MagLab experiments is organized via the LaMMB - MagLab booking calendar. To apply for measurement time please click on the desired instrument or the desired day and fill in the form. The request will then be forwarded to the LaMMB - MagLab instrument responsible.

Presently the experiments can be booked only by members of the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin. The access for external scientists has to be mediated by an in house scientist. Please contact the LaMMB - MagLab instrument responsibles or any of the LaMMB - MagLab staff.